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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:01 pm is a collection of words in English, Hindi and Bengali languages, alphabetically with usage of information, definitions, etymologies, phonetics, pronunciations, translation, and other information or a phrase of words in English language with their equivalents in another. It is a indian product designed for utility and function, curated with selected data, presented in a way which shows inter-relationship among the data.

A wide distinction made different between general and specialized dictionaries. Specialized dictionaries do not contain information about words that are used in language for general purposes—words used by ordinary people in everyday situations. general items that describe concepts in specific fields are usually called terms instead of words, although there is no matter whether words and terminology are two different fields of study. In general dictionaries are supposed to be identical, mapping word to definition, where specialized dictionaries are supposed to be logical, first identifying concepts and then establishing the terms used to designate them. In general, the two approaches are used for both types. There are other types of dictionaries that don't fit neatly in the above distinction, for instance bilingual dictionaries, dictionaries of synonyms or rhyming words. The word dictionary is usually understood to refer to a monolingual dictionary of general-purpose.

A different dimension of where other dictionaries are sometimes distinguished is whether they are prescriptive or descriptive. The choice of key words is considered itself of prescriptive nature and for instance, dictionaries avoid having too many taboo words in the position. Stylish indications presented in many modern dictionaries but it is considered less than objectively descriptive as well.


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